Donate to the park

Dear friends!!!

We ask for support of the animals at Animal Park!!!

We haven’t asked for help because we hoped that this war, this horror will be finished very soon, but things have gone too far…

It is not always convenient to ask for help, as everyone has his own difficulties and problems in life. But, in an instant, situation in our country has become very difficult ... war has started (24.02.2022) and we are now in our third week of this unrelenting attack on our country UA.

We used to try to cope on our own, but now, almost all team members and our friends have lost the opportunity to provide for their families, and therefore help each other and support the Park.

Citizens of Kyiv who want to evacuate also ask us to accept their animals. We try to accept everyone we can and accommodate them with our animals.

If you have an opportunity to support our animals, we will be very grateful.

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